6 cool reasons why you need a pair of Chilla Valley alpaca bed socks

6 cool reasons why you need a pair of Chilla Valley alpaca bed socks

Do you wear bed socks? Many of us do. It’s actually not very good for you to sleep in a bedroom so warm that you wake up all dry and crispy. And that’s the first reason why it makes sense to treat yourself to a pair or several of our magical alpaca bed socks.

1. If you regularly wake up uncomfortable and sweaty, it’s probably because your bedroom’s too warm. The human body likes it cool at night, and when we get too warm we suffer from disturbed sleep. It’s easier to sleep in a cool room, and because in the long term poor sleep can lead to heart disease, obesity, and poor cognitive function, it’s best to stay chilled. On the other hand your feet can get a bit too chilly, especially in winter, a balance that can be redressed thanks to a pair of soft, light, fluffy bed socks. Result!

2. The Medical News Today website has a different slant on bed socks. They say scientific research reveals how wearing socks in bed might even support better sleep. Bed socks don’t actually overheat your feet. Instead the blood vessels in your feet dilate when warmed, a process called vasodilation. This releases heat through the skin and helps lower your core body temperature.

3. They’re so soft. Alpaca wool is ridiculously soft and lovely to the touch, a proper treat for your feet. So soft that you won’t want to take them off.

4. The colours are splendid. Choose from a lovely storm cloud grey or a deliciously fresh and delicate salmon pink.

5. Our alpaca bed socks are made in the UK, British right from the field where our friendly alpacas live all the way through to your sock drawer. Buy British from us and you support a small British business, an eco-friendly business.

6. Alpacas are green! The way they’ve evolved means they have a low eco footprint, including soft feet instead of hard hooves that damage the land. They don’t drink much water, they don’t need much space, and you can harvest alpaca fleece for life without harming the animals. Alpaca wool contains no lanolin or other oils, so you don’t need to use nasty chemicals to clean it. And with proper care the wool is more or less indestructible, lasting for years.

Improve your sleep with fab alpaca bed socks

If you want to enjoy supremely cosy nights, regulate your body temperature and sleep like a pro, why not give our sumptuous alpaca bed socks a go? They also make a great gift for someone special.

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