Alpaca Everyday socks – A luxurious must-have for healthy feet!

Alpaca Everyday socks – A luxurious must-have for healthy feet!

Your feet matter. You use them to get from A to B. You balance on them, run on them, walk on them. You’re in trouble without your feet, and they deserve the best treatment you can give them. Here’s how to look after your feet, and why our beautiful, super-soft everyday alpaca socks are an absolute must.

How to look after your feet

    • Clean feet are happy feet, so wash them frequently
    • Don’t soak your feet for too long, you’ll wash off the all-important natural oils
    • Always dry your feet properly to prevent fungus infections like athlete’s foot
    • You can moisturise dry feet, but leave the gaps between your toes un-moisturised
    • Sand off hard skin and calluses with a pumice stone or file
    • Keep your toenails cut so they don’t cause damage to your toes or get in the way
    • Always cut your toenails straight across. When you cut them at an angle or at the edges you can easily get ingrown toenails
    • Buy shoes in the afternoon – your feet swell as the day goes on, and buying them in the morning means they might actually be too small
    • If your job suggests you need special shoes, wear special shoes
    • Don’t wear high heels for too long at a time
    • Keep pointy shoes for special occasions only
    • Change your socks every day
    • Wear socks made from cotton, wool or bamboo, all of which breathe properly and help keep your feet at a comfy temperature
    • Make sure your socks fit properly – are they too baggy or too tight?
    • If your feet are swollen feet, get socks designed to cope with swollen feet – elastic-free socks can be a really good move
    • Avoid socks with seams that might rub your feet and create blisters
    • Limit flip-flop wearing – they provide no foot support and can result in painful heels and arches

Our everyday alpaca socks

These socks are not just for best. They’re for everyday wear, and your feet will love you for it. We designed our Alpaca Everyday Socks ourselves, and we get them specially made at a UK hosiery factory. We sell them in navy blue, cool grey and bright red, something for everyone, and because they’re made from 55% alpaca wool and 45% nylon, they last and last.

As you can imagine, alpaca socks are both lightweight and soft, and because alpaca fibre is an excellent insulator, with great natural wicking properties, your feet stay dry and comfy. Available in small medium and large, you can wash them by hand in no time, a method that’s especially effective with a soak wash product like Eucalan. Once you’ve washed your socks, squeeze out the extra water and hang them up to dry naturally – no tumble drying!

Love your feet

Fancy giving your feet a treat? Trot over to our alpaca everyday socks page and fill your boots, pun intended! They also just happen to make a thoughtful gift for someone you love.

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Ruth Strickley lives in Devon where she owns and manages Chilla Valley Alpacas and its complimentary business The Little Wool Company.