38 fascinating facts about alpacas

We love our herd of alpacas. Every animal has its own personality, and they're so adorably docile and friendly. No wonder they're such popular pets and farm animals. Here are loads of fun facts about our favourite animals. Alpaca facts There are no wild alpacas – the alpaca is the domesticated version of the vicuña [...]

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Chilla Valley Alpacas – All about Aran yarns

If you knit or crochet, you might have found yourself asking 'What, exactly, is Aran yarn?'. If so you're not alone. The different names for yarns and wools can be pretty confusing, especially when you factor in American terms as well as British ones, some of which are becoming interchangeable thanks to the internet. What [...]

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Alpaca Everyday socks – A luxurious must-have for healthy feet!

Your feet matter. You use them to get from A to B. You balance on them, run on them, walk on them. You're in trouble without your feet, and they deserve the best treatment you can give them. Here's how to look after your feet, and why our beautiful, super-soft everyday alpaca socks are an [...]

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About DK Knitting Yarns – How DK is often ‘just right’!

It's all a bit 'Three Bears'. You want to knit something gorgeous but you're not entirely sure whether you need regular or fine yarn. It isn't always easy or straightforward to pin down the perfect yarn weight, and when you want your knitting project to go smoothly you need it to be 'just right' to [...]

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Love walking and rambling even more with our alpaca walking socks

Did you know that walking is just as good for your health and fitness as running? A good, brisk 20 minute walk each day will soon get you feeling fantastic, and there's no need to wear lycra or half-kill yourself pounding the pavements. The health benefits of walking and rambling Walking increases the health and [...]

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4-Ply yarns, yarn weight conversion, and ply versus weight

We keep a herd of alpacas, and we make their lovely, soft, warm fleeces into wool, which we sell in our online wool shop. Our 4-ply yarns are extra-popular, being so versatile. In our world 'ply' is a familiar thing. We understand the different weights and thicknesses, and it helps us make the most gorgeous [...]

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6 cool reasons why you need a pair of Chilla Valley alpaca bed socks

Do you wear bed socks? Many of us do. It's actually not very good for you to sleep in a bedroom so warm that you wake up all dry and crispy. And that's the first reason why it makes sense to treat yourself to a pair or several of our magical alpaca bed socks. 1. [...]

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Why using natural fibres is good for the environment… and good for you

All textiles are made from fibres of one sort or another. Natural fibre and synthetic or man-made fibres are very different. Natural fibre is extracted from plants and animals while man-made fibres are often by-products of oil. So what's the difference, and why are natural fibres so much better for us and our environment? As [...]

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Knit heavenly things with our delightful alpaca chunky yarn

It's winter... the depth of winter. It's cold. It's much more comfy indoors than out at this time of year, and that makes it the perfect time to settle down for a creative knitting session. Hand knits are high fashion The sweater dress is a contemporary classic. Every man enjoys a big, warm, chunky knit. [...]

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Love Alpaca wool yarn? Facts to consider when choosing a breeder

You adore the soft, fluffy fleece of the alpaca, that magical alpaca wool yarn, and you're considering investing in a small herd for yourself. Maybe you already own a few of the animals and want to add desirable qualities to your herd. Here's what you need to know about choosing the best alpaca breeder to [...]

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