Love walking and rambling even more with our alpaca walking socks

Love walking and rambling even more with our alpaca walking socks

Did you know that walking is just as good for your health and fitness as running? A good, brisk 20 minute walk each day will soon get you feeling fantastic, and there’s no need to wear lycra or half-kill yourself pounding the pavements.

The health benefits of walking and rambling

Walking increases the health and fitness of your cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, your heart and lungs. You’ll be at less risk of heart disease and stroke and it’s easier to manage conditions like high blood pressure, joint pain, muscle pain, and diabetes. You get stronger bones and improved balance, better muscle strength and endurance, and less body fat.

Rambling is another great way to get fitter, a little slower than walking but you get the same health-giving exposure to the fresh air, and to the magical chemicals given off by trees. And because rambling is a sociable thing, something you enjoy with a bunch if other people, it’s also sociable, and being sociable is also good for you.

About our alpaca walking socks

Roll all of that together and add a pair of our lusciously soft, cosy alpaca walking socks and you’re in clover. Our alpaca walking socks are warm, durable and come with natural anti-odour properties. They are extremely hard wearing, incredibly warm, and very soft. In fact, the wool’s unique thermal, insulation and liquid-wicking properties mean they’ll keep your feet lovely and cool in summer, warm in the winter.

Our alpaca walking socks are designed by us and manufactured at a British hosiery factory. You can buy them in three sizes – small, medium and large – and two colours, namely deepest navy and vivid red. They’re made from 90% alpaca plus 10% nylon for strength, which is why they make brilliant house socks, perfect for padding around at home.

The unusually stretchy ribbing means they don’t restrict your feet while you’re asleep – yes, you can use them as bed socks as well! And they’re perfect if your mobility is poor, being designed to restrict the blood flow around your lower legs and ankles.

How about washing and care? That bit is easy. It’s best to wash them by hand, squeezing out the excess water then hanging them to dry naturally. Never tumble dry them, they’ll end up about an inch long! If they’re particularly mucky we recommend a gentle soak wash product like Eucalan.

A fab gift for yourself or someone you love

These are not boring socks. They’re amazing alpaca socks, and as such, they make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love.

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About the Author:

Ruth Strickley lives in Devon where she owns and manages Chilla Valley Alpacas and its complimentary business The Little Wool Company.